Costume Specialists designs custom mascots based on your logo, toy, artwork or any other source. Each mascot is custom-designed to match the look and proportions of your character. Bringing your imagined character to life is our speciality — we build character.

We know that your company, brand image, or team’s image will be represented by your new mascot or costumed character. With four decades of building custom, award winning costumes, our experts are simply the best. We design and manufacture each costume individually for ease of wear, maneuverability, and durability. Quality is sewn into every mascot and costume character we create.

At Costume Specialists, you can be as involved in the design process as you desire. First, you will receive a sketch and fabric swatches to determine the correct color and material for your costume character. Next, we will send pictures of the sculpt mockup as the head is developed. Finally, the complete costume is sent for your approval; minor adjustments will be made if necessary. Our construction of a mascot page shows the process step by step.

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Custom Mascot Design - The Beginning

1. The Beginning

Welcome to the construction of a mascot. Follow our construction process from character image to the finished mascot costume.

Custom Mascot Design - Character Image

2. Character Image

We start with your artwork or other images. We can work with everything from a simple sketch to complete style guides. Three dimensional items such as products or plush animals are also helpful.

Custom Mascot Design - Concept Drawing

3. Concept Drawing

Next, we create a concept drawing of how the character will translate into the human form. The average height, size and proportions are shown for the character.

Custom Mascot Design - Fabric Options

4. Fabric Options

Fabrics are selected for your approval. Construction issues are also addressed once the sketch is complete. The size and look of a character often determines the type of materials used.

Custom Mascot Design - Head Sculpting

5. Head Sculpting

Once sketches and fabrics are approved. Our designers begin to sculpt the head. Photographs are sent for approval. Minor changes are possible before a costume is complete.

Custom Mascot Design - Body Sculpting

6. Body Sculpting

Padding, pods, and other techniques are used to match the wearer to the character shape. Again photos are sent for approval before the costume is complete.

Custom Mascot Design - Pattern Development

7. Develop Pattern

Our designers custom build every costume to match your unique character. We do not ‘cookie cutter’ your costume out of old patterns. Each character is built to your specifications.

Custom Mascot Design - Research

8. Research

Some costumes require additional research. We pride ourselves on accuracy, whether its historical figures, realistic animals or anything else.

Custom Mascot Design - Parts Construction

9. Parts Construction

The costume begins to take shape once all the designs and sculpts are approved.

Custom Mascot Design - Finished Product

10. Finished Mascot

Your character is now a human sized interactive creation! We include cleaning instructions and wearing guidelines with every costume. Our expert staff is always on hand if you have questions about your costume.