COVID-19 Coronavirus – Update

Due to the recent Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, most costume related appearances and events have been cancelled across the U.S. and in most countries due to restrictions on crowd sizes and general safety concerns.  Many end users have cancelled events through April.   Any costume arriving here that has been out on tour or at a past event will be cleaned with our normal process that meets and exceeds the CDC recommendations for disinfection.  The costume will then be placed in storage and will be ready to go once we are cleared to resume operations.  If you would like to book reservations for future events or have any questions, please visit Contact Us.

* Custom Mascot and Costume Services *

No matter what special features or how many appendages your character has, you can count on the customized services of Costume Specialist to keep even the busiest mascot character trouble-free. Our Costume Management Service will tailor a program to meet your needs — even if we weren’t the folks who originally made your costume. Contact us for professional mascot cleaning, repairs, on-site storage, custom trunks, shipping, schedule coordination, rentals and more.  You can rest easy knowing your company mascot will look great and so will your company image. We will give your mascot the individual and celebrity attention that it deserves.

Costume Services for Mascots