Costume Specialists provides professional mascot and costume character services. Our services include cleaning, maintenance, on site storage and a variety of other services tailored to your specific mascot needs. We also provide warehousing and service programs for the care of your mascot and costume characters.

Costume Specialists realizes there are many components of a successful mascot program and  promotion. Your mascot costume must arrive at your customer’s event on time and ready for use. Our costume management techniques, including special customized software, guarantee efficient use of your mascot costumes.

Our services include:

  •      Scheduling events for your mascot costume
  •      Coordination of shipping for scheduled events
  •      Confirmation of shipping and receipt for each event
  •      Receiving calls for mascot and costume requests
  •      Distribution of promotional material for scheduled events
  •      Management reports to keep you abreast of your mascots, costumes, and events
  •      Billing and collection of any mascot or costume rental fees

Need a Storage Solution? Your mascot or costume is safe with us.

Costume Specialists can store your mascots and costumes during your off season. Our facilities offer:

  • Temperature-controlled storage in a clean, dry location.
  • Fully insured for fire, theft, or water damage while in storage
  • Prompt shipping to your desired location by the time and date you specify.
  • Quarterly billing for storage costs.

Any Service can be customized or combined with any of our other Services to offer a complete and Customized Services Package to enhance your mascot and costume program.

Customized professional mascot and costume management packages vary in cost and are personally designed to work efficiently for you and your company at an affordable price. Our abilities are limitless.  Allow our experts to eliminate at least one task on your agenda.  Our experts will schedule, plan, arrange, and impress you along with your important clients.  Our staff is available weekdays from 9am-5pm EST for you. Contact us … We look forward to hearing from you.

Coordination and Scheduling for Mascots