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Final Four Fever

With the NCAA Final Four upon us, college fans everywhere will be showing their team spirit by dawning their favorite team apparel.  Also, businesses everywhere will plan events,  decorate, and increase their own brand recognition while supporting this national phenomenon.

mart companies take advantage of every opportunity to promote with their mascot celebrities.  You can utilize your mascot to promote your business in the midst of Final Four Fever.  Capture your celebrity playing ball out on the court with some co-workers and you have an instant classic to post on you-tube calling attention to your business.  No matter what the sport, just having your mascot involved in the public sector is great publicity.

Your mascot is a creative work of art and a dedicated ambassador for you business.  Get them out in the community interacting with people and your business will reap its own championship.

Spring Has Sprung

With the arrival of spring on the calendar people’s thoughts turn to baseball, golf, gardening, and spring cleaning.  Closets will be emptied, garages will be organized, and seeds will be planted.  Businesses also need to do an annual spring cleaning.  Not the emptying of cluttered desks, but the seasonal maintenance of their mascot celebrity.

When was the last time you were driving down the street and noticed a soiled or tattered mascot standing outside a business?  Did the messy mascot make you want to come inside?  Did you stop and patronize that establishment?  Most likely the answer is NO.  

Mascots are celebrities.  The public wants to see, take photos, and interact with them. However, sending a messy mascot to represent your business to the public is like showing up for a job interview in your Saturday paint clothes.  No one is impressed. 

As you know, your mascot is a direct representative of your company.  If your mascot has not been cleaned lately or is showing signs of wear,  this will be directly reflected on your business image.  Having a sharp, clean, and polished mascot projects the professional image you want for your company.   A simple 12 point Cleaning Program will have your mascot putting its best foot (or paw) forward for you.


VeggieTales Birthday Celebration!

2013 You’re Invited to a VeggieTales Birthday Celebration!

VeggieTales Happy BirthdayBig Idea Entertainment Presents the VeggieTales Live! Happy Birthday Bob & Larry Tour premiering in over 35 cities March 1 through April 28, 2013.  

A One-Of-A-Kind Celebration For 20 Years Of Silliness, Stories and Songs