Are costumes hot?
Mascot costumes are hot. Fans, cooling vests and other accessories help keep the performer cool. Costume performers should be physically fit and be comfortable in confined spaces. With a little practice you will be dancing around in no time.

How long can I wear the costume?
We recommend 20 to 40 minutes per performance. Breaks should last 20 minutes. Performers should stay well hydrated with sports drinks and be sure to have a change of clothes to wear after the event.

How many people are needed to host an event?
A costume performer must have a guide or handler to act as their eyes and ears when performing. Others may be needed, depending on the type of event.

How do I clean the costume?
Most costumes are hand-washed or machine-washed. Use a gentle detergent in a washer without an agitator in the middle. Beware of laundromat equipment, which often has bleach residue and other chemicals left from previous washes. Please call if you have any questions about your specific costume.

How do I transport my costume?
Be sure to know the size of your costume. Large characters will be expensive to ship if they exceed ground shipping requirements. Shipping trunks are available and last 2-3 years under normal use. If your character is very large and will travel often, consider an inflatable design. You will easily pay for the costume with reduced shipping costs.

What do I do with my costume?
Please check our successful programs for new ideas. Your costume is a marketing tool that will perform for you when you perform with it. Have a plan in place for meet-and-greets, community events and any other event that gets you and your character public exposure. If you have multiple costumes or schedule many events, be sure to assign the responsibility to someone who has time to take care of your program needs.

Will you service other companies’ costumes?
Absolutely. Due to the size of our service programs, we have seen and maintained costumes from every other mascot company in the industry. We can clean, repair and even replace parts of costumes originally made by other companies.

Why should I choose Costume Specialists for our mascots?
Costume Specialists has been producing quality mascots for over 30 years. We believe that an educated customer is the best customer. Our website and customer service department are geared toward helping you make an informed purchase and be prepared for the many responsibilities a mascot program will require. We have the largest costume service program in the industry, servicing more than 20,000 events every year! We are happy to share our knowledge and experience to make your mascot, and your program, a success.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mascots