Mascot and costume characters ARE celebrities. Promoting your mascot or costume character in the same way author tours and celebrity talk shows are promoted may enhance your success. Promotional ideas:

  • Alert the local news when your mascot or costume character will be in the community.
  • Promote your mascot on your company’s social media pages.
  • Have your mascot or costume character participate in walk-a-thons, telethons, parades and other events to show your community support and charitable giving.
  • Mascot and costume characters can act as guest stars at sporting events, “speak” at big holiday events or serve as the grand marshal in a parade.
  • One creative mascot promoter organized a special mascot day for a local public television telethon.
  • Eight mascots from the community were seen answering phones and the event increased pledges.
  • Another creative mascot promoter hired a celebrity mascot and a professional photographer to take photos of families and/or their children with the mascot.

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