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Since 1981 Costume Specialists Inc. has been creating the Mascot Characters that have been a part of our lives and that we all love and recognize.  The award winning Costume Specialists team is proudly a part of bringing the costume characters of VeggieTales, numerous Children’s Book Characters, Michelin Man, M&M’s Characters, Kool-Aid Man, Professional and University Mascots, Theme Parks, and so many more to life.  It is amazing to be part of a company that enhances the lives of others by building characters that build team spirit, business recognition, and most importantly bring smiles and warmth to those they encounter. 

We build characters that are not only to the highest standards of an award winning company.  Our professional mascots are fun, iconic, recognized, and have become a part of our very culture.  As you can imagine, Costume Specialists is an amazing place where art and creativity meets opportunity.



Part Time and Full Time hours available for an experienced stitcher. To help create costume components; hands, feet, bodies, and clothing for mascot costumes. Applicants should have experience working on industrial sewing machines and have a good eye for detail.

Please submit resume to Jay Christopher at gchristopher@cospec.com


PRODUCTION ARTIST Columbus, OH (Downtown)

Hiring Production Artists to produce complete costume characters, character heads, feet, and accessories. Responsibilities including skill in manual dexterity to cut and glue foam, cover character heads with fabric, paint or airbrush, paper mache, and other assorted skills. Some woodshop tool skills are helpful.

Please submit examples of your work along with resume and cover letter in PDF format to Jay Christopher at gchristopher@cospec.com

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