Comprehensive Cleaning Process

Mascots project the image of the Business, University, Product, or brand they represent. Your mascot is a valuable investment and resource that represents you and your brand to the public. When your mascot looks tired, dirty, or is in need of repair, the public views your business the same way.

At Costume Specialists, we believe in professionalism and first class quality. We also know how important your mascot is to your company and how hard it works to represent you. Our cleaning Process will refresh and revive your hard working mascot so that it can put its best foot (or paw) forward. Your mascot is your celebrity to the world, so take advantage of our professional mascot services and pamper your mascot today.

Your mascot will receive customized individual, professional attention from the moment it reaches our facility.  It will be thoroughly inspected upon arrival and you will be notified about any parts and/or additional repairs necessary to bring your costume up to top quality.  Our mascot professionals can replace any part of a mascot that cannot be restored to a reasonably acceptable appearance or is missing.

Our cleaning process includes:

  •   All parts are cleaned thoroughly inside and out.
  •   Feet and heads are hand-washed and disinfected.
  •   All parts are checked for loose stitching/buttons/snaps/zippers and re-sewn (*standard cleaning includes 15 minutes of minor repair).
  •   Fur parts are thoroughly brushed and conditioned to give them a like-new sheen.
  •   We inspect and test any battery-powered items.
  •   Extraordinary repairs and/or replacement parts are done with your company approval.
  •   We inspect storage/shipping trunk for possible damage.
  •   The costume is carefully packed and forwarded as instructed by your company.

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Cleaning and Maintenance For Mascots