No costume will fit every body, but our characters have adjustability features built into their design to provide much flexibility. A character costume should fit smoothly with no gaps at any of the joints of the costume. It should create the illusion of being real.

Our headgear system adjusts for different head sizes and comfort. In addition, you can adjust how the headgear fits onto your head to adjust for different head shapes and neck lengths. We work hard to disguise the neck joint of the head and the body.

The mitts are designed to tuck into the sleeves and extend to the elbow. Someone with a longer arm will have a little more mitt showing at the cuff.

Most costume legs have adjustable snaps to shorten the costume up to 5″ for different wearers. Our characters are designed for people from 5’4″ to 5’10”, unless you specify a different range.

Our shoes fit both women and men. They can be worn with socks or with close-fitting shoes.

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Proper Mascot Fitting for Costumes