Just as a radio ad need to be played on the radio, your mascot needs to be seen and interact with the public to promote your company/brand. Mascots are marketing tools, and are proven to attract attention to your company/brand in a positive and memorable way. At Costume Specialists, we have decades of experience in arranging successful mascot programs.

Essentials for a successful program include:

  • A coordinator who books events, is able to answer costuming questions, and has a method to clean and maintain the costumes
  • Performers who are animated, highly personable, and ready to entertain
  • Reliable shipping to send and retrieve costumes from each event
  • A place away from public view to change in to and out of the costume
  • Follow-up to measure the success of your mascot program

Costume Specialists provides multiple levels of support for your mascot program. We will help clean your costumes, coordinate events, and offer advice to building an enjoyable mascot program. Our mascot designers will help you discover the best character for your business or corporate mascot, college or university mascot, or any mascot you require.

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Programs for your Mascot