People Mascots Inflatable

Chillman the Snowman


Request This Character The Chillman the Snowman Costume is perfect for Special Events, Christmas Pagents, Holiday Celebrations, Commercials, Promotional Extravaganzas, and so much more…. Imagine the increased traffic, keepsake photo opportunities, and attention Chillman the Snowman will have blowing like the winds of winter into your special event! Chillman the Snowman Costume is constructed using innovative [...]

Christmas Billboard


Request This Character Announce the Holiday Season by renting the iconic Christmas Billboard Costume for your event. This Christmas Billboard is sure to bring smiles and attention to any event. Available for rent to the general public, companies, and organizations; this costume is always a sensational hit. The Christmas Billboard costume is perfect [...]



Request This Character Ring in the Holiday Season by renting the iconic Nutcracker Costume for your event.The Nutcracker costume is perfect for promoting Charity Fund Raising events, Special Occasions, Christmas Bazaars, Holiday Craft Shows, Winter and Holiday Festivals, Trade Shows, Company Holiday Parties, Promoting ticket sales to the local Ballet or Holiday Concerts, and so [...]