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The Frog and Toad series written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel is a story of friendship which has delighted audiences of all ages.  Frog and Toad enjoy spending their days together. They have adventures, try new things, but most of all, they have fun together—every day of the year.  The Frog and Toad costumes fit best when the wearer of Frog is 5’ 8” to 6’ 0” and of average build and the wearer of Toad is 5’ 4” to 5’ 6” and is also of average build.

The rental fee for the Frog & Toad costume set has been graciously provided by Harper Collins Publishers for promotional use only at schools, libraries, and bookstores.  The only cost to you is Second-Day Air shipping arranged by Costume Specialists to send the costume to its next event which is only $420.00.