Animal Mascots

Big Zaxby Chicken


Request This Character Big Zaxby Chicken, for Zaxby's Restaurants. The Big Zaxby Chicken corporate mascot is a custom mascot which is only available for rent by the Zaxby's Corporation and affiliates. Big Zaxby Chicken Zaxby’s For more information about how custom mascots and can work for your business or organization: Creating a Custom Mascot [...]



Request This Character Make a positive impact on the nature of your next event with the attention grabbing Snowman costume. Increased traffic, photo opportunities, and memorable fun are just awaiting your event with the Snowman! The Snowman is available for rent to the general public, companies, and organizations. This Snowman mascot costume is designed to [...]



Copyright Simon & Schuster Olivia, the star of the popular Olivia series by Ian Falconer and TV show on Nick Jr., tantalizes the imagination of children and their familes.   This costume is privately owned and not available for rental.