Oliver K. Woodman


Request This Character Copyright Harper CollinsExtend the travels of Oliver K. Woodman by inviting him to visit your venue.  The Oliver K. Woodman collection by Darcy Pattison beautifully chronicles the journeys of his adventures across the country.  The Oliver K. Woodman doll measures 5’6″ and is sure to leave a lasting impression.The rental fee for the Oliver [...]

Man in the Yellow Hat


Request This Character Copyright Harper CollinsThe Man in the Yellow Hat brought Curious George to the big city from Africa in the Curious George series which has been loved the world over for more than six decades.  This costume is a natural pairing with the Curious George costume.  You can bring the beloved Curious George series to life with a [...]



Request This Character For more than a decade Pinkalicious has been sharing her pinkatastic attitude and making anywhere she visits a pinkariffic adventure. Invite Pinkalicious by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann to your event for a pinkaperfect experience that is pinkamazing for everyone. The wearer of the Pinkalicious costume should be 5′ 6″ to 5′ [...]

Christmas Billboard


Request This Character Announce the Holiday Season by renting the iconic Christmas Billboard Costume for your event. This Christmas Billboard is sure to bring smiles and attention to any event. Available for rent to the general public, companies, and organizations; this costume is always a sensational hit. The Christmas Billboard costume is perfect [...]

Captain WOW


Captain WOW is a custom corporate mascot for Thomas and King and is unavailable for public rental. Each custom mascot created by Costume Specialists is carefully custom-designed by highly skilled expert artists to match the look and proportions of your character. Bringing your imagined character to life is our passion. The artists of [...]

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