Mascot and Costume Characters ARE celebrities.  Promoting your mascot or costume character in the same way author tours and celebrity talk shows are promoted enhances your success.  Call local television news channels whenever your mascot or costume character will be out in the community.   Your mascot is a celebrity and when it is out and about,  its appearance should be viewed as a celebrity sighting! 

Another way for your Mascot or Costume Character to be active in the community is to volunteer.  Have your Mascot or Costume Character participate in walk-a-thons, telethons, parades, and other events.  Mascot and Costume Characters are effective fund-raisers and help your show your community support and charitable giving.  Mascot and Costume Characters can act as guest stars at sporting events, “speak” at big holiday events, and even serve as grand marshal in a parade.

One creative mascot promoter organized a special mascot day for a local public television telethon.  Eight mascots from the community were seen answering phones and taking pledges.  Everyone loved seeing so many mascots together.  Pledges were up because people called their friends and told them to tune in to see all the mascots.

Another creative mascot promoter realized that mascots draw families who want photos of their children with the mascot.  This promoter hired a local little league sports photographer because they are professional photographers who are accustomed to working with children and adults.  Everyone loved being able to have professional photographs of their children and their celebrity mascot is now a keepsake to those families.  

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