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Our award-winning custom designed mascots stand alone when it comes to quality and design. From corporations to book characters, our mascots are known world wide as the professional choice for your organization.

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If your costume is in need of a cleaning or your corporate mascot celebrity is in need of repair, we offer you the first class service you deserve. We are pioneers in the mascot industry offering accessories and services only found here.

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Having a mascot for your upcoming event can mean the difference between a successful program or one that fails to meet expectations. Our characters are in high demand, so contact us now to find out more information.

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Costume Specialists — the world’s ONLY custom mascot character production company to manufacture BOTH foam and inflatable AWARD winning original costumes. We are ready to make YOUR CHARACTER a STAR! Our custom corporate mascots, walkabouts, and costume characters are performing world wide for hundreds of companies, attracting attention and building revenue in a fun and memorable way.

We Build Character! From restaurants, to banks, to conventions, to story time at the library, characters from Costume Specialists are seen and loved everywhere. That’s because our customers know they can count on us. You know our custom mascot characters as the familiar icons and friends that you have seen everywhere; including television networks, films, sports events, amusements parks, sales meetings, trade shows, food chains, financial institutions, book signings, product manufacturers, schools, fairs, safety education programs, and more.

Costume Specialists is a full-service custom mascot, walkabout, and costume character company designed to fit your specific and individual needs. We offer an extensive range of products and services to complete your custom mascot costume programs. Our programs include:


Custom Corporate Mascots

Our staff is available weekdays from 9am-5pm EST to help you with your individual mascot and costume needs. Find out how Costume Specialists can help you or your business with your specific custom mascot, costume design, or any number of mascot and costume services available.
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Howdy Partners, these folks sure know how to rustle up a herd of mascots. No matter the difficulty or how far the trip, they always come through. Yeehaw, they are awesome!


They had ribbons, they had tags, they had packages, boxes and bags. These folks are great and so much more, it had me marching with pride as never before!


Fore great service that is better than par, then contact the good folks at Costume Specialists. They are the masters and know how to bring home the trophy for superior quality!

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