Mascot Costume of the Lucy Lettuce Character for Dole. Mascot is shaped like a large Head of Lettuce with cheerful face and a Dole Tag.

Lucy Lettuce Custom Mascot Costume Character for Dole Food Company

The Lucy Lettuce Character Mascot is a custom mascot costume for Dole and is unavailable for public rental.  Lucy Lettuce is depicted as a friendly and energetic character with a bright green lettuce leafs for hair and wears white gloves and pink shoes.

Dole uses Lucy Lettuce in various marketing campaigns, social media channels, and in-store promotions. The character is also featured in educational materials and programs designed to teach children about healthy eating habits. Lucy Lettuce creates instant and memorable brand recognition and is a fun and engaging way to promote the the Dole Food Company brand and encourage people to make healthier choices when it comes to their diet.

This custom mascot was handcrafted by skilled mascot artists using innovative inflatable mascot technologies.  These technologies enable the development of lighter weight costumes, larger and wider shape varieties, as well as other amenities.  Additional  information about inflatable mascots can be found at the Custom Inflatables page.

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